“When I was a kid in Manchester, England, I earned my ‘spends’ by cleaning my dad’s motorcycles and waxing his leathers. He collects bikes, and has owned everything from a Triumph Bonneville to a gorgeous old Norton. When my mum wasn’t around, he’d drive me to school on them.

Back then, I thought there was nothing cooler than getting off the bike and flicking my hair out of the helmet.

I have something like 14 moto jackets. It’s excessive, but I’m a tomboy at heart.
I blame my father for my addiction.”

“This is Marchesa Voyage, by my dear friends Keren Craig and Georgina Chapman. It’s stunning.

I actually stole the jacket off Keren’s back one night at The Standard Grill because I was doing THE TODAY SHOW the following morning and had nothing to wear.”

“This Elizabeth and James jacket was a Christmas gift. At first I wondered, ‘Am I ever going to wear it?’

Turns out, I do.

It makes any outfit quite exciting, and I’m planning to add more detail to the back. We stylists love to DIY!”

“When I started doing television, my closet had to get a bit brighter. There’s a lot of jewel-tone dressing on TV and that’s SO not me.

This Phillip Lim jacket is a great way to look cool while still wearing color.”

“Another Phillip Lim — talk about when a designer knows what he’s doing right.

The silhouette hugs your body at the best part, and I love big details around the neck, like the lapels, because they frame the face.”

“I care for this Burberry moto like I do for my children.

It’s without a doubt my favorite jacket.”

“Sometimes I’ll wear a jacket as a top, with nothing underneath.

This is a newer member of the ‘family’ from Intermix. It’s very pale — almost white — denim, and the best summer moto.”

“BALENCIAGA, just because.

I don’t really have any red in my wardrobe, and this is from Alexander Wang’s first collection for the house.
It’s a keeper!”


Photography byMolly Hodson

As told toAnthony Rotunno

Zanna Roberts Rassi is a stylist, Senior Fashion Editor of Marie Claire, and host of the Lifetime television series Project Runway All Stars.

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