Best friends and makeup artists Tamah Krinsky and Sage Maitri each remember the day they met.

For Halloween 2016, Maitri played the Cherie Currie to Krinsky’s Joan Jett, all photographs courtesy Tamah Krinsky and Sage Maitri


I’ve always loved makeup, and when I realized in my early twenties that my hope to become the next Meryl Streep wasn’t going to happen, I found myself figuring out how to become a makeup artist.

In 1999, I started taking classes at The Makeup Shop, a store in New York City run by Tobi Britton. At the time, she was one of a few makeup artists who really kicked ass at airbrushing.

That winter, Tobi had a booth at an international beauty show at the Jacob Javits Convention Center, and needed help.

Krinsky, in blue, and Maitri get graphic

Strolling through the convention center was a little overwhelming — like being in 12 international airport terminals at once — and when I finally stumbled upon Tobi’s booth, she introduced me to Sage Maitri, another student of hers.

Sage was wearing a tweed newsboy cap and an off the shoulder peach sweater over khaki-green cropped pants, topped off by a big parka.

Meeting her was like finding the love of my life.

Maitri (left) and Krinsky were brought together by a mutual love of makeup

She and I were basically the same person: we were in our early twenties, had just switched career paths, liked the same music, and lived ten minutes from each other in Park Slope.

That night, I had dinner with my dad, and I remember telling him I made a new friend — who says that to her parent as a twenty-something?! I was just so excited.

Since meeting her, I can’t remember a day when I haven’t talked to Sage. Now, we live only 12 minutes apart in Los Angeles.

Krinski (left) and Maitri relax in style

It’s such a luxury to share my career with her; while my boyfriend, my family, and even my agent are sympathetic, they haven’t actually lived [as a makeup artist]. Knowing that Sage has gives me such peace of mind.

We’ve been working on a new business venture together, and when brainstorming what to call it, we put the letters from each other’s names into a Scrabble word finder. The first word it generated was ‘mate.’

We were pretty astonished by that, and from it decided on The Makeup Mates as the name for our business. I’d be lost without Sage. She’s pretty much the best person that walks the Earth.

— Tamah Krinsky as told to The Thick

Of Maitri (right), Krinsky says, “she’s pretty much the best person that walks the Earth.”


My best friend Tamah [Krinsky] and I were brought together by makeup. In 1999, at 25 years old, I moved to New York City to work for [the fashion designer] Issey Miyake, but really wanted to be a makeup artist.

Since I’d never done it professionally before, I signed up for workshops at The Makeup Shop taught by Tobi Britton, one of the first artists to hold master classes in the field.

Tobi had a booth that year at a beauty show at the city’s Jacob Javits Convention Center — that’s where Tamah and I met.

Of Krinsky (left), Maitri says, “[I’m so glad] the universe brought us together.”

I can’t remember what I was wearing, but Tamah was in an aqua blue cowl neck sweater with a knee length skirt and boots. And I’m sure both our eyebrows were over-tweezed — thank goodness they grew back!

Our connection was instant.

The first time we hung out, we had dinner in Park Slope — we both lived there back then — and it felt like we had known each other our entire lives. We discovered that even our grandfathers look alike.

Tamah and I talk every day now, sometimes just in emoji. The beauty industry is a tricky little beast, and it’s always been amazing to have a friend who truly gets it.

Meeting Maitri (at top, in green; at bottom, in black) was "like finding the love of my life," says Krinsky

We share clients, and recommend each other for jobs. It’s funny — sometimes people will ask me if I know Tamah, because they say we give off the same energy on set.

Now, she and I are working on a new project together, The Makeup Mates, which has been years in the making. We came up with the name after putting the letters from our own names into a Scrabble word finder.

I laugh so hard with Tamah, and can fully envision us together as old ladies: bright lipsticks, crisp white shirts, and gray shoulder length bobs. [I’m so glad] the universe brought us together.

— Sage Maitri as told to The Thick

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Even in the dark, Maitri (left) and Krinsky have eyes for each other