Makeup artist Sarah Tanno remembers the editorial shoot of a lifetime.

"The Good People," featuring Lady Gaga photographed by Chadwick Tyler for V Magazine, makeup by Sarah Tanno

In 2015, one of my dreams came true: working with my client Lady Gaga, and the photographer Chadwick Tyler — my friend of 15 years — on an editorial story for the V Magazine January 2016 issue, of which Gaga was the guest editor.

At the time, ‘American Horror Story’ was a huge part of her life, so she decided that the show would inspire the shoot. The concept was very unconventional.

We shot in a spooky old house in Central Los Angeles, complete with creepy rocking chairs, and newspapers all over the floor, which really set the mood.

Gaga recruited her AHS cast mates to be in the shoot with her, and she let them create whatever characters they wanted. Chadwick never posed them, and instead had them interact with one another, like live action acting.

It was so cool to see actors of that caliber do that, and this shoot was like nothing I’d ever worked on before.

A few weeks later, Gaga told me that a photo from the shoot would be the cover image of the magazine.

When I finally saw it, I was completely blown away. Gaga and Chadwick are the two most influential, inspirational and artistic people in my life, and this editorial story marked how far I’d come in my career.

It was so surreal, and something I’ll never get over.

— as told to The Thick

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