“I started my namesake jewelry company in 1983 when I was in college. At the time, I was creating hair accessories for Vera Wang, Norma Kamali, and Fiorucci. Next thing I knew, I was designing jewelry for Oscar de la Renta, Bill Blass, Marc Jacobs, and more. In 2015, I finally launched my own namesake
e-commerce jewelry line, after 30-plus years of making pieces for other brands.
I only design jewelry I want to wear, and that I know will
make other people smile.

I stare at this wall in my New York City office everyday. It’s covered in tear sheets from magazines that I’ve collected over the last 30-something years. I love each and every image that’s up there. They’re very pretty to look at, even sort of meditative, and inspirational. I’ve always been attracted to the same faces and colors throughout the years, too — I really haven’t changed much.”

“Most of these images of women are by the photographer CASS BIRD. Her ability to capture her subject’s spirit and joy is something I’ve always loved. There’s a very special quality to her pictures.”

“My muse is the kind of woman who enjoys fashion, but doesn’t take it too seriously — she has her own sense of style. Alicia Vikander is a good example. She always looks real, modern and relatable.”

“My jewelry allows me to incorporate color into my otherwise neutral wardrobe. Putting the colors together is the most fun part of my day, and probably the hardest. I try every different variation and combination possible until I’m satisfied. My designs are like my babies — I love them all equally.”

“I love Kate Moss’s look when she was younger — just iconic.”

“I made these lanyards but never sold them.
They say ‘remember,’ as in: remember to live, love, and laugh; be free, honest, authentic, happy, thankful, and dream.”

“I love anything and everything about shoes.”

“I like the envelope, but don’t actually use it as a mailbox. When I get mail I don’t even look at it. I’m lucky if I even answer phone calls.”

“I love the beach. I’ll go with my books, sit there, and work for hours. I’m one of those people who will be there
even when it’s overcast. I think that in order to design, one needs an imagination,
and in order to imagine, one has to calm their mind.
The beach quiets my mind when it
gets noisy, allowing me to be present and create.”

“This was going to be my logo for a line of sweaters I was going to do a few years back. I loved it so much that I’ve held onto it all these years.”


Photography byBramble Trionfo

As told toAnthony Rotunno

Roxanne Assoulin is the founder and designer of Roxanne Assoulin.

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