Ronnie Feig, founder of lifestyle brand Kith, remembers building his dream HQ.

Feig inside Kith’s Manhattan office, all photography by Sania Tharani

From the day I started working at New York City’s now-defunct shoe emporium, David Z., at 13 years old, I fantasized about building my own stores and my dream office.

In 2013, after spending four years in spaces that were too small, I started looking for a new one that could house [my lifestyle brand] Kith’s rapidly-growing creative team.

When I walked into this unit, I knew it was perfect — I started concepting design plans with the studio Bang^3 before I even signed the lease.

Originally, the space was very raw, with terrible walls, exposed pipes, and wobbly wooden floors. It took about a year and seven months to create the lounge-like vibe I envisioned; somewhere my employees would not only work, but hang out, too.

Each detail is super thoughtful, from the Bolon flooring to the Daniel Arsham sculpture to the sunken lounge.

From the get-go, I wasn’t willing to compromise the aesthetic, so I don’t allow my employees — or anyone else — to wear their shoes here. In addition to keeping the floor clean, this also prevents people from stunting on one another with their footwear.

Sitting at my new desk one day prior to our February 2015 move-in, I couldn’t help but realize that Kith has come full-circle. What originally started as three employees is now 91 people who bust their asses everyday.

The completion of this office really rounded off the brand.

Looking out from my desk, I can’t help but be proud of the army that we’ve built.

— as told to The Thick

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