“I went to New York University, [and] I moved in [to this apartment] in 1977. It was the first place I looked at. The [building] used to be called The Rhinelander Apartment Hotel, and this space had originally been the dining room.

When I first moved in, the room was painted orange, and I couldn’t afford things, [so] I just clipped [pages] out of magazines [like] INTERVIEW, AFTER DARK, and ROLLING STONE.”

“This is by Lori Ogle, who is the mother of my son, Liam McMullan. It’s a painting of a photo that my mother took of me and my father watching TV, probably [around] 1965.
I have a sailor’s hat on because I was in the Junior Naval Cadets.”

“This is one of the first photographs that I bought; I believe
it is Edward Curtis. It was a lot of money at the time [I got
it], like $100. I love that it has this old, Pony Express feel —
I love anything about the West.”

“I deal with so many real images, abstract [ones]
turn me on a bit

This is by me; it’s a photo manipulation. I do this kind of
stuff late at night, when I should be working on other

“[The photographer] Francesco Scavullo wanted to
photograph my son. I said, ‘Great! As long as I get a print.’

So this is the Francesco Scavullo of Liam McMullan.”

“I bought the [Mark Renton] picture of Ewan McGregor as a collectable photo. It’s signed.”

“I collect 8×10 film stills; I absolutely love them.
They run anywhere from $1, to $5, to $10, to $100.

This is a still from THE MISFITS, with Marilyn Monroe and
Clark Gable.”

“I love Marilyn Monroe; I don’t know why
anyone wouldn’t. She is so beautiful to look

The [photo] takes the place of a curtain!”

“I was going to do a show called ‘Starlets’ at the Pacific Design Center. [This] is a test print I did [for] that.
The show never happened, but I [kept] the test canvas. It’s of a photo [I took] of Lindsay Lohan that I manipulated with a little basic Photoshop.”

“I love kids’ art — I think it’s so raw, simple and cool.
My son Liam drew this when he was four
years old.


Photography byChris Bernabeo

As told toAnthony Rotunno

Patrick McMullan is a photographer and the CEO / President of Patrick McMullan Company, a photography and digital imaging agency based in New York City.

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