“This is my office, where I work with my assistants and on books or other projects. I haven’t been here that long; four, five years at most.

When I moved in I started pinning up stuff:
funny cartoons, thank you notes, pictures I tear out of magazines.

It’s all very personal; really, anything that evokes an emotional connection.”

“I’ll pin blurbs and sayings that inspire me, like this quote. I love it, and I really love that it’s by Larry Flynt.”

“Back when I used to shoot slides, I’d make an initial edit on a carousel projector. If I edited something further after that, I’d look at it using this silver loupe that’s sitting on top of the light box.

Lately, I’ve been going through all my old image slides for a book I’m working on.”

“My 26-year-old son, Charlie, is a musician and producer, but in college, he was into photography. The eight photos [at top] are pictures he took and then gave to me.”

“This scholars’ rock was a gift.

Chinese artists, writers, [and intellectuals] put the rocks in their homes or gardens to look at for inspiration.”

“This is from my friend’s daughter, whom I love. She was raising money for something — at her school, I think — and sent it to me as a thank you note for donating.”

“This is a photo of my best and oldest friend, LISA LOVE.
Our parents were friends, and we met in Europe when we were three years old — the picture was probably taken around that time.

Now, she lives in Los Angeles and is the West Coast Director of VOGUE.”

“I love this photo of the couple under the coat. It’s by WILL McBRIDE;
I respond to cinematic images, and his are incredible.”

“This is a picture I took of my mother in Palm Beach. She’s 89.”

“A lot of the artwork is stuff my kids have made. The drawing is something my older son Nicky [at left] — who passed away and would have been 28 this year — did a long time ago. It reads,

‘Don’t smoke. Use your last bullet to help stop smoking.’”


Photography byMolly Hodson

As told toAnthony Rotunno

Pamela Hanson is a photographer based in New York City.

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