“I’ve lived in this apartment for more than a year. The walls were white at first, but that felt so blank and not at all consistent with my personality.

I’ve been involved in nightlife since I was a teenager, going to underground parties in Hollywood where I grew up. The inspiration for this wall is CLOCKWORK BAR [in New York City], which is covered entirely in graffiti.

I invite everyone who comes here, including complete strangers, to write on it.

As a kid, my favorite show was PEE-WEE’S PLAYHOUSE. I loved how all sorts of guests were on it. Now, I have recurring characters in my own life who have left their mark on my space.”

“I try to collect ephemera whenever I can grab it because it’s becoming scarce.

With social media, you don’t need to make postcards or invitations to pass out for parties.
They’ve become rare.”

“These flyers are props from XING, a film I was cast in about ‘90s nightlife culture.

My 16th birthday was at a 21 and over club. I was pretty up-front about not being the legal age, but it really didn’t matter because I brought energy to the room.

After that, I started hosting at clubs and being snuck in through back doors. When I moved to New York City [to attend college], people sort of knew about me already.”

“The space in the bubble was supposed to be reserved for my best friend’s Egyptian lover so that she had a spot to write on when she finally arrived in New York City. But this girl, Dare, marked it first.

Dare isn’t the truth. She fucking sucks and I am so mad at her!”

“The bags are mine. I think they look nice together, and I love anything holographic.”

“Some girl took this photo of me on Avenue B [in New York City], while I was on my way to see the photographer JOHNNY ROSZA. I had just shaved my head and glued shards from a broken mirror to it.

Johnny and I have done a lot of photo shoots together and his book, UNRETOUCHED, features his pictures of the famous club kid LEIGH BOWERY, another of my inspirations.”

“Putting up the Spongebob Squarepants decal was basically my first attempt at interior decorating.

He is my favorite cartoon character because he’s so positive and is always having fun.”

“My friend found the BRITNEY SPEARS postcard in Tokyo.”

“I love the artist SCOOTER LaFORGE’s style. I met him at the VFILES store, on Mercer Street [in Soho]. The first time we hung out after that was here, and he drew this. He’s obsessed with cartoons, like me. If I ever move out of my apartment, I’ll have to take this portion of the wall with me.”


Photography bySania Tharani

As told toAnthony Rotunno

Nicky Ottav is a visual artist and nightlife personality based in New York City.

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