“This is my office, located in New York City’s Garment District. I started my lingerie brand, MORGAN LANE, in 2014, after designing for my mom’s namesake label, Jill Stuart, for 5 years. At the time, I was searching for an office, and this space — which is actually within her studio — was unused. My mom let me take it over.

At first, there was a really ugly conference table, terrible carpeting from the ‘80s, and crazy amounts of clutter. I changed the floor plan, redecorated, and created a place where I could focus on my illustrations and designs. I draw inspiration from everything, even the Empire State Building, which I can see from my window.

It’s quite dangerous how peaceful and comfy this office is. I’m so grateful — and lucky — to have it. And, I love that I’m still so close to my mom. We worked together for five years, and got really used to it. [She’s very supportive of Morgan Lane,] and wears my designs everyday. She’ll even show me her underwear whenever she comes up here! [LAUGHS]”

“I’ve always been obsessed with lingerie. I bought this bra at a vintage fair when I was college, and love its appliqué, embroidery, and lace details.”

“I draw all my own embroideries, but love collecting them, too. These embroidered rats are made from old textiles. I found them at an antique show — something I’ve been going to with my mom since I was 5 years old.”


“This piece is from the Morgan Lane x Baron von Fancy collaboration. One of his signatures is ‘To The Moon And Back.’ That’s Lanie passed out on the moon after a long trip there.”

“I started collecting marble fruit not too long ago, and it’s since become an obsession.

They’re very delicate, so it’s difficult to find one in great condition with bright colors. Sometimes they just look like balls of marble, but it’s easy to tell that the watermelon is a fruit.”

“This poster is a detail of the Morgan Lane Instagram account, which I spend a lot of time curating.

My personality is the whole brand so
it’s easy to do.

One of the things I post photos of are #LanieGirls, women who remind me of Lanie. Some of them are included here.”

“These little garters and tutus are from the ‘40s and ‘50s. Back then, designers made miniature samples of their clothing to show salespeople what the clothes would look like [before they went into production].

They’re collectibles, and really hard to find.”

“I bought these antique slippers at a vintage show. They’re so precious that I had to frame them.

I’ll make something like them for Morgan Lane one day.”

“A few years ago, there were Morgan Lane pop-up dollhouses at Harrods and Le Bon Marché. This phrase was written on them, and refers to Lanie’s story: ‘Once upon a time, there was a doll named Lanie. When love was in the room, she’d come to life.’

The brand is very whimsical, and based on that fairytale moment.”

“The United Kingdom-based doll designer Amanda Fatherazi — we met on Instagram — made me this doll of Lanie.

Amanda and I collaborated on a black and white striped pajama and eyemask set for Morgan Lane, and it’s since become a best seller.”


Photography bySania Tharani

As told toAnthony Rotunno

Morgan Curtis is a designer based in New York City.

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