“I don’t hoard anything, what you see is what you get. These are pictures that have a lot of meaning to me. [They’re] kind of like my creative philosophy:

Bob Dylan, Cass Bird, Chakras, Indian philosophy, levitating cars.

It feels peaceful, but also punk rock.”

“Cass Bird has always been one of my favorite photographers; this is from the first
Stone Fox Bride look book photo shoot. My husband always [asks],

‘Why do I have to stare at that guy’s penis while I watch TV?'”

“My husband writes about race car driving, and he’s friends
with the photographer [who took this photo], Matt Porter.

The car looks like it’s in flight. He didn’t buy it for very much money,
but the picture is worth a lot now.

We always joke that if the shit hits the fan,
we can sell it and buy some time.”

“Barry Feinstein took the BOB DYLAN picture.
It’s one of my husband’s photos that made it ON THE WALL.
Who doesn’t love that image?”

“My nana Caroline was kind of like the JACKIE O. of HIGHLAND PARK, Illinois. She looks like Gloria Steinem.
My dad took [this picture]; he’s an amateur photographer and his black and whites from the ‘70s are so beautiful.”

“I got the poster at the Ananda Ashram [in Monroe, New York]
when I went on a yoga retreat in 2004.
I’ve had it in all of my apartments; it’s just SO CALMING.

Every time I look at it I see something else:
Flowers, deities, colors, sanskrit, chakras.
I used to be really into chakras.”

“When you’re a mom, every time your child brings home a piece of art
you have to [say], ‘Oh my God, it’s so aaaamazing!'”

“I would never have a TV, but my husband also writes about sports, so he has to watch it all the time.
You do what you have to do.”


Photography by CHRIS BERNABEO

As told to Anthony Rotunno

Molly Guy is the Creative Director of Stone Fox Bride, a New York City-based bridal showroom and online retailer.

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