“I feel embarrassingly like Demi Moore or one of those Hollywood types when I say,
‘I’m not religious, but I’m spiritual.’

Despite officially being Catholic, I never go to church — though I did see Pope John Paul II say midnight mass at the Vatican in the ‘80s. Generally, I’m against organized religion, but if it gives people comfort and joy, I say do your fucking thing.”

“Virgin Mary candles are some of my favorites.

My friends and I were driving through the South of France, and we stopped at a little church that was selling the small blue candles. I lit one for my grandmother — who was super sick [at the time] — and bought some more.

The Pope Francis ones are from Belgium. I love him because he loves the poor and says crazy shit.”

“The statue of Jesus being baptized by John the Baptist is from Mexico City. There is a lot of cheap, crazy-looking religious stuff there.”

“I was in an Indian mood at the time I got these pieces. The elephant is [the Hindu deity] Ganesh.
I love to buy things in bulk, no matter what they are.”

“I love busts. Pope John Paul II is my peeps — he was Polish and so am I.

He’s kind of the most famous Polish person, ever.

I bought the Gandhi at a gift shop for around $95 — to me, that’s expensive for a trinket.

Jimmy Carter is one of the greatest men. I don’t think he was necessarily a good president, but he fights to make the world a better place.

That is spiritual.”

“The disco nativity scene is from Mexico.
I love to go to churches as a tourist, just to see them.”

“My friend Bridget gave me the wooden angel with her hands against her cheeks as a present when we met for the first time in 28 years. I love that a lot of religious icons are of women, because I am very pro-women.

I’m much more into the Virgin Mary than Jesus.”

“Grand Duchess Elizabeth was a German princess, Elizabeth of Hesse.  She became a nun after her husband, Grand Duke Sergei, died.

I love those two extremes in one person — a glamorous, gorgeous princess and a nun. She is one of my favorites, and the ceramic plaque is from Siberia.
I think I paid $100 for it.”

“I’ve always fantasized about having a giant Asian figurine, and this was only around $120.

It’s not religious and very impractical, but I like it.”


Photography byBramble Trionfo

As told toAnthony Rotunno

Mickey Boardman is the Editorial Director of Paper.

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