“Fashion has always been fetishized, and I’ve been collecting hoodies from a young age. I have over a hundred, and because I’m a stylist, I hardly ever edit my archive. I have a mix of streetwear and fashion hoodies — by brands like Supreme and Raf Simons — that are safely stored away in New Jersey.

Over the last 12 years, though, I’ve been specifically acquiring rare ones, and these are some of the most hyped.

When they were first released, they were really difficult to get, or limited-edition runs — or samples, like this Vlone piece. My rare hoodies now have a really high resale value on sites like eBay and Grailed, but didn’t cost me much.

I use them often — clothes are meant to be worn, after all.”

“I once wore this sweatshirt by Prohibit — my favorite streetwear brand back in the day —to Kanye West’s 30th birthday party at the Louis Vuitton store.

Prohibit released their pieces in limited-edition runs, and when it was announced that the brand was shutting down, I bought nearly everything. It’s funny — my client Rocky’s manager Chase was a partner in it, and is always like: Yo, I need to get those clothes back!”

“I bought this at the Supreme store on Lafayette Street [a couple years ago]. The design is a riff on the old DKNY logo, and was a really big deal when it came out. I’m sure there was a copyright lawsuit that went down.
It now goes for thousands of dollars on Grailed.”

“Midnight, a Los Angeles based streetwear brand, only made a handful these Swarovski encrusted hoodies. I totally missed the boat when they were released, but Shane, the designer, gave me one. I use it often, and people are always like: What the hell is that thing?”

“This is always mistaken for Vetements — they did a rip and repair t-shirt just like it.

Finding this hoodie was nearly impossible, but after half a day of searching all of Antwerp, I uncovered it in a souvenir shop’s basement, caked in dirt. I had to have it. It was only $12, and Vetements sold their version for hundreds.”

“Kiko Kostadinov, the designer of this rip and repair Palace hoodie, will probably kill me for showing it. He was exclusively doing rip and repair for Stussy at the time he made it for me — he also made one for Rocky — and wasn’t supposed to work with any other brands.

It’s a piece of history, something I’ll keep forever.”

“During my sophomore year of college, I was having a tie-dye moment and skating a lot. I acquired this Spitfire hoodie then, and just started rewearing it. Skate culture is really trendy right now — Vogue even covered it, which was something I never thought would happen.”


Photography byBramble Trionfo

As told toMichelle Rizzi

Matthew Henson is a stylist based in New York City.

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