“I’m an Aries, [and] Aries rules the head. I’ve always put
things on my head, like masks and scarves. I’m sure I wore a
turban in a few past lives.

In recent years, I’ve found pieces travelling [through] South
America. The celebration of color [there] is unlike anywhere else,
and they use the rainbow like nowhere I’ve ever seen.”

“I’m really into taking photographs, so I’m always looking for props and costumes.

“Take a look at the backs. How cool? There are eyes on both sides.
I’d love to do full face [on the runway]. It’s obviously super editorial,
but fall IS next season…”

“This one’s crazy, a tiny bit satanic. I’m into it.”

“I packed this [when] we went to
Miami for a [Swim Week] show.
I’m always waiting for an oppor-
tunity to say,

‘Put a mask on, let’s get
a picture!’”

“I got [some] of the masks in Guatemala, for maybe $8 each. Others I probably spent [around] $40 or $50. Cheap, [considering] how much they mean to me.”

“Somebody on Instagram sent this to me. She hand makes them. It’s sweet, because it’s a gift from someone who doesn’t know me, [but] clearly knows me.”

“I invite friends over [to] use the masks. [Looking at iPhone] Here is Pamela Love; this is us in my backyard [wearing them].”

“This is my favorite thing, ever.

I bought it in Lima, [Peru], but
it’s from Cusco. The beading is
common, they do this all by

The lining is so beautiful, too!”


Photography by BRAMBLE TRIONFO

As told to Anthony Rotunno

Mara Hoffman is a designer based in New York City. Her current collection is available online and in select retailers.

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