“My mother had an antique shop; my whole life has been filled with stuff. When I had my store [Linda Hopp], my boyfriend gave me a clipping that he had saved from a newspaper. I thought,
‘Oh, I’ve got a lot of those. Maybe I should try to get them all together.’

That was 40 years ago.

God, one day I should read all this crap.”

“I love Abe, don’t we all? [Looks away] Oh, Brigitte Bardot. I have a million of her. Babes and Abes!”

“Bob [Dylan], my hero. I’m sure I have tons more Bob, probably under the bed. I worked with him. He was doing — you’re going to laugh — a Victoria’s Secret commercial, and I was his stylist. He is COOL.”

“I love anything under water. Anything. That’s why I love shells. The rest of [my apartment] — the bedroom and [bathroom] — I feel like I’m under water when I’m here. Really, what I love more than anything are pictures of the sea.”

“LINDA HOPP was the first boutique in SoHo. It was named after the Lindy Hop, which was [also] the nickname given to me by the great photographer, Gosta Peterson.

I was in business for a VERY long time:

1979 to 1980.

This is the press kit. It was very, very, very out there. I designed it that way, long and skinny. That was my idea.”

“I always cut out a lot of stuff on airplanes. Obituaries, if they look interesting. Sounds horrible, but it’s true. Look, the purveyor of glitter! Who doesn’t want to know about her?”

“He’s so great, with the turban. He’s so funny. Look at this diva! She’s a [ballerina], the head of the national ballet in Cuba. That’s what I am going to look like.”

“I lived in Italy, and I speak Italian.

I was working on a job, and someone asked me if I could translate for a film producer. I said, ‘Yeah, why not?’

It ended up being a film with Marcello Mastroianni, whom I had lunch with.

They never made the movie, but it was fun to meet him.”


Photography by BRAMBLE TRIONFO

As told to Anthony Rotunno

Linda Rodin has worked as a boutique owner, stylist and fashion editor.
She is the founder of RODIN oilo lusso, a line of skincare and fragrance products available online and in select retailers.

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