The fashion set’s go-to deejay, Kitty Cash, on who made her heart skip a beat.

Kitty Cash, née Cachee Livingston, photograph by Matthew Pandolfe

In the sixth grade, my best friend Anika and I were enrolled in The Crown School for Law and Journalism at PS 161 in Brooklyn.

Each day, we were picked up after school by a private bus and dropped off near home. I had a crazy crush on this boy, Saheed, who I noticed would sometimes be at our stop to pick up his little brother. I figured Saheed must’ve liked me too, because he started showing up daily. Anika said that to get his attention,

I should play with my hair, wear colored lip gloss, and suck on a lollipop.

She was like: I saw it on TV, Cash; IT WORKS.

Cash, perfecting her selfie skills, photograph courtesy of Kitty Cash

So one day, before getting off the bus, I put on dark red lip balm — even though I wasn’t allowed to wear makeup — pulled out a lollipop, and styled my hair into pigtails.

When I saw Saheed, I said, “Hi,” and according to Anika, my entire face turned completely red.

I was SO embarrassed!

Saheed and I ended up being friends, and years later, I confessed that he was my first crush.

Turns out, he did like me as well!

— as told to The Thick

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The deejay at The Thick launch event in October 2014, photograph by Angela Pham