Groomer Kim Verbeck on seeing her work get the glossy treatment.

Magazine rack

A short time after I started working with Vince Vaughn, he told me he would be shooting the cover of Rolling Stone.

He was so excited because he knew it was my first big magazine job.

We shot it at Quixote Studios in Los Angeles, and then went overseas a couple months later for the Wedding Crashers press tour.

Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn photographed by Max Vadukul for Rolling Stone, July 28, 2005, Vaughn's grooming by Kim Verbeck

[While away], I kept thinking,
‘The magazine must be out, it must be!’

The tail end of the tour was in New York and when I landed at JFK airport, I walked past a bookstore and there it was, displayed on one of those stands by the entrance.

‘OH MY GOD,’ I thought. ‘THAT’S IT!’

This was before you could find anything on the Internet; you actually HAD TO WAIT for issues to come to the magazine stand.

TWA Flight Center, JFK airport

I bought five copies, and the lady at the checkout was like: Why so many?

I told her [I had worked on the cover] and she seemed just a little bit impressed, maybe.

I LUGGED THOSE FIVE ISSUES back home to Los Angeles with me and sent one to my mom. She still has the magazine displayed on her bookshelf.

— as told to The Thick

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Newsstand, New York City