“My family and I live in Los Angeles; this home is our Malibu getaway, and we’re here every weekend.

The house was built in the early ‘90s, and when we found it eight years ago, it was a non-descript white box in need of a renovation. I always like to run design ideas by my clients — in this case, they were my husband and two kids.

We wanted the ocean to be the star in the master bedroom, so everything inside is kind of monochrome. It’s all about the mix of textures and found artifacts that makes you feel like you’re at the beach.

I sleep better here; you can hear the surf beneath the house. It’s heaven.”

“This piece is vintage; I got it in Paris, at the Clignancourt flea markets. It looks as if it was done with a single brushstroke.”

“I found the lamps in London. There are lights behind the bed that we use specifically for reading; these are more sculptural pieces — they’re ‘70s-era — AND VERY SEXY.”

“This is by TOFER CHIN, a contemporary artist based in Los Angeles. He did another piece for me: a three-dimensional sculpture, which is at our other home.”

“The canvases above each bedside table are by another California-based artist, BENJAMIN BUTLER. They’re totally raw, and a nice contradiction to the more geometric pieces above them.”

“The wallpaper is a silkscreen on material that’s almost like rice paper. There’s a great artisanal quality to it, because everything was done by hand.”

“The pair of ivory-colored reliefs are from London.
When I found them, they were already framed like this, with a bit of a natural patina.”

“This piece is all about texture:
it’s black acrylic and oil, circa 1960.

I got it in New York City; I can’t recall exactly where, but I know it’s from there because I remember carrying it back to Los Angeles myself.”

“The succulent is like a soulful sculpture.
It’s 150 years old, and still growing.”


Photography byBramble Trionfo

As told toAnthony Rotunno

Kelly Wearstler is an interior decorator and designer based in Los Angeles. Her collection is available online and at select retailers.

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