“When we launched V magazine, in ’99, Stephen [Gan] said, ‘why don’t you just go call all of the PR people, I’m sure they’ll buy ads from you.’ I didn’t even know what an RFP, or request for proposal, was. I learned on the job.

Positioning and marketing CR Fashion Book in 2012, on the other hand, was like doing a fashion version of O, The Oprah Magazine.

People love OPRAH for what she represents, and people love CARINE [ROITFELD] for what she represents. [CARINE is] more niche but still it’s the same mentality — they’re both personalities.

It was during the launch of CR when I moved in and renovated this apartment in Brooklyn Heights. I was very hungry for art — in French they call it GOURMAND — and I needed to acquire.”

“The Kahn & Selesnick photograph ‘liftoff,’ from their Apollo Prophecies, is one of the first pieces I got, more than 15 years ago.

[Sometimes] art works on hype, or the relationship you have with a gallerist. I’d meet all of them back when I was doing a lot of Art Basel Miami, going from every art fair to the next. I always set payment plans for artworks I buy from gallerists, sometimes for two years or more.

Art collecting is a discipline anyone can achieve with planning.”

“I got this piece, entitled ‘SWARM,’ in 2006. It was shown horizontally, but I chose to hang the work vertically.

It’s a part of a tryptic and depicts cutout pills. The artist, WILL TURNER, is English — a very strange coincidence since [J.M.] WILLIAM TURNER is the most renowned English painter from the 19th century.”

“The drawing of the soldier sleeping is by Mary Henderson. I love how she draws. And I love the small watercolor by Larissa Bates [at right] — I have a small painting of hers in my bedroom as well.”

“Jeff Burton’s ‘Four Queens’ was one of my first big purchases.

I bought that from TIM BLANKS, who was offloading it. Tim collects crazier than I do. He catches younger artists and there was a time when I was really following his lead.”

“When I began buying lamps I realized I wanted to get vintage.

I started with a few styles like this, which is probably STILNOVO from the ‘50s or ‘60s, and then became obsessed with changing every one in the apartment.”

“The SUE WILLIAMS piece, the black and white with the butts and dicks, was a birthday present I gave to myself a few years back. I’ve always liked her work because she does stuff that’s scatalogical:
shit or vomit, like a Paul McCarthy.”

“I just love beautiful things, like this Mona Kuhn that [Visionaire co-founder] James Kaliardos gave to me as a gift in 2006.

When I move into a new space, I immediately try to fill it. There is nothing worse than when people come and the first thing they say is ‘Oh, you just moved?’ That’s a bad vibe. I would rather people say, ‘My God this looks great, how long have you lived here?’ And you say six months and they’re like: WHAT?!”


Photography byBramble Trionfo

As told toChristopher Barnard

Jorge Garcia is the New York City-based publisher of VV ManCR Fashion Book, and CR Men’s Book.

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