Novis designer Jordana Warmflash on her big break in the Big Apple.

All photos from the Novis F/W '13 show, courtesy of Jordana Warmflash

The first collection I showed at New York Fashion Week was Fall/Winter 2013. It was inspired by Richard Avedon’s photographs:

Classic ‘60s girls, with bangs, and a little bit of a Parisian edge.

Backstage was intense, because the show right before ours ran late, and our set was a full build-out that was being painted up until the minute the guests arrived.

I was scared, but I didn’t have much of an opportunity to dwell on that, because in a flash, the show was over.

So much goes into preparing for an event that’s an hour and a half long, but feels like it passes in two minutes.

I was worried that no one was going to come, but when the doors opened, so many people walked in — more than I would have ever expected.

The show ended at six o’clock, but it felt more like midnight. I hadn’t slept for a week beforehand.

When it was over, I had dinner with my family and then went to straight to bed.

— as told to The Thick

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