Baja East designers John Targon and Scott Studenberg on their inaugural appearance in the fashion bible.

Studenberg and Targon at New York Fashion Week in February 2015, photograph by Indigital

JOHN TARGON: In 2013, Vogue asked to meet with us. Our dear friend and client, Ikram Goldman, put a good word in with some editors on our behalf, and the magazine requested to see our [first-ever] collection, Spring 2014. We were freaking out.

SCOTT STUDENBERG: We went to their offices at Four Times Square, got off the elevator —

JT: And there was a couch, a circular table, and a little folding partition. All of a sudden, an intern came out with a rolling rack. We started to unpack, thinking, ‘Maybe we’ll go into a conference room,’ but the editors came into the lobby —

SS: We never actually got through the doors!

JT: That’s where the magic happened.

SS: They went through the rack, commenting, ‘Oh, this is beautiful,’ or ‘Anna only likes color.’ Two looks were picked for the shoot, which happened over Thanksgiving weekend. I had already booked a flight home to Michigan, and Vogue rebooked me on a new flight to return to New York.

Detail from the Spring 2014 collection, photograph courtesy of Baja East

JT: We were super excited. The call time was early and it was freezing. The Vogue booking department put photographer Maciek Kobielski and stylist Karen Kaiser — who is now Baja East’s stylist — on the shoot.

SS: Vogue also booked the most major model, Nadja Bender — who is so hot and so cool.

JT: Seeing this incredible woman being photographed in our clothes was the ultimate high. December couldn’t arrive soon enough! We kept checking the newsstands, waiting for the magazine to come out.

SS: Baja East got a page and half in the January 2014 issue.

JT: [To this day], we have a really close relationship with the magazine.

— as told to The Thick

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Nadja Bender wearing Baja East photographed by Maciek Kobielski for American Vogue, January 2014