“I arrived in New York City in 1975 — more dangerous, but way cooler  — as a runaway boy. One day, I was wandering around the East Village, and went into Trash and Vaudeville. I thought I found heaven on Earth. I started out as a customer, but Ray Goodman, the founder, eventually hired me.

I moved to this apartment about 12 years ago. My bedroom is my little rock ‘n’ roll hideaway, and everything has a story behind it because it’s a piece of my heart.

The first thing I did when I moved in was paint it all pink — rock ‘n’ roll pink, not Barbie pink. Three years ago, I lost nearly everything to a flood, so what’s here is the stuff I dried out and a handful of new things.

All the photographs on the wall are real prints. There’s a lot of Mick Rocks, Bob Gruens, Roberta Baileys. Some are very limited. There is a beauty — oh my god — of waking up in this room with all these pieces of history: Marianne Faithfull shedding tears in the Mud Club; Debbie Harry blowing a kiss; Iggy and all his Jesus essence; Jagger being Jagger.

I’m going to be adding to this space for the rest of my life.
I’m never gonna stop.”

“DETAILS magazine did this shoot with me years ago. Dude, I got some good ass hips, don’t I?”

“Everyday, Iggy, winking with his hand down his pants, keeps me going.
This photo, by Stephanie Chernikowski, reminds me to be a better person when shit sucks.”

“I only sleep on animal print sheets, and they have to be zebra or leopard.

Pink leopard is the best to crawl into, but it’s really hard to find, so I’ll settle for natural leopard. These are by a company called Sin in Linen.”

“That’s [Mick] Jagger in San Francisco. Dude, look at that twist, that beautiful face, that hair cut!
Back then, Jagger was the essence of beauty.

About 10 years ago, I ended up [at a Rolling Stones concert] eighth row center at Giants Stadium. There was a full moon that night and I didn’t even notice until Jagger started doing “Gimme Shelter.” As he strutted by me with that Jagger swagger singing, ‘It’s just a shout away, it’s just a kiss away,’ I looked up at the moon and burst into tears. I was living one of the most beautiful moments ever.
He’s an inspiration for generations to come.”

“Who wouldn’t want to sleep under Edie Sedgwick?

She’s my girl, like a statue of the Virgin Mary herself. Oh my god, just the way her earrings touched her shoulder blades, and how beautiful and frail she was.

Tragic death — wish she got it together.”

“This record is a 7-minute live version of [Iggy and the Stooges’] ‘Gimme Danger.’

It was one of the first things I matted and framed.

For as long as I’ve been in New York City, Iggy has been the soundtrack to my life.
And the fact that he’s now my buddy is fucking amazing.”

“I have 40 boxes of mostly purple and pink Christmas lights. Every October, I go to RITE AID, DUANE READE, and TARGET to get them. I buy eight boxes here, or six boxes there, and I hide them behind the curtains because I don’t want to look like a hoarder.

God, what if that show came in here? I’d be fucked.”

“I have hundreds of rosary beads. They’re things of purity, faith, truth, and passion, especially the ones that have been rubbed so much that Jesus’ face and body are worn away.

Iconic moments with Iggy, Debbie, Jagger, Marianne Faithfull, Ronnie Spector, Edie Sedgwick, Holly Woodlawn, and Candy Darling should all be graced with rosary beads. I just want to hang them over every photo.”

“Debbie and Iggy. He’s got scratches on his chest, too — it’s really hot.”

“The candles are lit all the time. I light them as soon as I come home and let them burn all night long.

I only blow them out when I leave, because I don’t want to burn the place down.”

“I buy statues everywhere, but mostly from churches or thrift shops.
I believe in the spirit of something powerful and greater than us: the spirit of rock ‘n’ roll.

People are scared of IGGY, and people are scared of JESUS,
but both are pretty fucking cool to me.”


Photography byBramble Trionfo

As told toMichelle Rizzi

Jimmy Webb is the New York City-based manager and buyer of Trash & Vaudeville.

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