“Serving bowls remind me of comfort, home, and childhood.

My mom was constantly in the kitchen making us dinner, and my grandmother cooked all the time, too. This year, I’m doing Thanksgiving at my house, and there are 40 or so people coming.

When I entertain, I start with a neutral palette and use bowls and dishes as accents. It’s fun to mix colors, textures, and dimensions; it creates conversation.

That’s what life’s all about: STARTING CONVERSATIONS.”

“I’ve had this bowl forever. It’s my oldest one.
My grandmother’s favorite color was purple; part of the reason I started collecting serving dishes was because of her.”

“When I got married, I didn’t want traditional china. I picked ASTIER DE VILLATTE because I can use it all the time. The bowl [on the left] is one of hundreds of pieces; my husband obviously doesn’t buy me jewelry, so this is what he’ll get when he wants to give me something.

The shell [on the right] is an old JONATHAN ADLER piece. He’s amazing.”

“I have four or five of the blue bowls. We ALWAYS use them for taco night, which is a big deal at our house.

They were very inexpensive. I’m really clumsy, so if a dish breaks, odds are I’m the one who did it.”

“I bought this at a store called Global Table, in Soho, when I lived in my first apartment in New York City — it was on Greene Street and the décor was very black and white.

I would use it as a fruit bowl, and always put lemons inside.”

“My mother sent me the dish that the nuts are in. She noticed that I always did the dishes with jewelry on, so she gave it to me to put by the sink.

I won the other bowl in a white elephant gift exchange. It came in a set of three, but now is the only survivor.


“I’m really into wooden bowls. I typically use this dish to hold bagels or garlic bread — [two things] my kids always want — but these are chocolate chip muffins that they like.

It’s from ABC Carpet & Home. The bottom floor of the flagship store is a hidden gem.”

“Alexandra von Furstenberg wanted one of my bracelets, so we bartered and I got a bunch of her lucite charm bowls. She’s so talented.

The marble dishes are from the store Personnel of New York, in Greenwich Village. I think they’re super chic.”


Photography byMolly Hodson

As told toAnthony Rotunno

Jennifer Fisher is a jewelry designer based in New York City. Her current collection is available online and at select retailers.

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