“I wanted a house with a provenance, a real mid-century home. After losing two, I [saw a listing] in the Los Angeles Times for a ‘Richard NEUTER’. ‘That’s crazy,’ I thought. ‘I bet it’s a Richard NEUTRA.’

So, my husband Scott and I drove to see it. I almost kicked down the for sale sign when we arrived because I knew this would be my home.

It’s called the Baldwin house, and it was commissioned by an aerospace engineer in 1962.
Neutra was super, super particular; everything in the house is where he designed for it to be.”

“Instead of going on a honeymoon, we bought this Warhol as a wedding gift for ourselves. The house is all white and very austere, and we needed something crazy and fun that pops.”

“The lamp is by NOGUCHI. You need light in this space, but you can’t put just any piece there.
It has to be something that’s lower to the ground.”

“Scott took this photo in Capri about five or six years ago. We always remember that trip because it was a food vacation. We live to eat!”

“Our twin girls have collected horse figurines for years. They get a new one for every birthday. They’re mainly from BREYER, which is the number one [maker of] horse collectables.

There are different trailers, too: A veterinarian unit, one for shows, and another for ponies.”

“I think we had about 10 art books when we moved in.
These are from years and years of collecting.”

“This is a story that ran in Vogue when we started HOLMES & YANG, along with a letter to KATIE and me from ANNA WINTOUR. Scott frames every single article like this, because he’s an awesome husband.

“We asked Scott’s parents to get us a beautiful Venini vase when they were in Venice. The thin, skinny one [to the left] was his grandmother’s. There’s a Baccarat, too.”


Photography byBramble Trionfo

As told toAnthony Rotunno

Jeanne Yang is a stylist based in Los Angeles.

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