“I’ve always been fascinated by a woman’s body, even when I knew I was gay. So it was natural that I became obsessed with men’s magazines at a young age. They definitely influence my work, and the things I’m drawn to as a stylist.

The great thing about being a woman is the ability to be overtly sexual.
I often ask my female friends, ‘If it’s not sexy, why do it?’ Not being sexy isn’t an option to me.”

“I don’t know why, but this shoot is my favorite — I tag the ones I love.

The girl, Jenna, is Brazilian, so she’s automatically amazing.

And the styling is genius. It’s given me inspiration for so many things.”

“I prefer a bush, because otherwise it’s like TOO real for me.”

“I’m obsessed with white, and I’m obsessed with mesh — this PENTHOUSE shoot has both.
And the white thigh-high boots are the ULTIMATE sign of a hooker.”

“The titles for the editorials are brilliant, and I love the captions because they give a brief description of each girl’s backstory.

Like: This is Jenna. She’s going to school to be a nurse.
Or: This is Beth. She wants to be a veterinarian.

And I’m like: What? Why do I need to know this?”

“Latoya Jackson, disgracing the family name in PLAYBOY, but making me very happy. This was a FIND.”

“I tend not to go for anything published after, like, 1996.

To me, everything became super serious and minimal then, and sex became sort of taboo — these girls are NOT scared of being sexy, and people became afraid of that for awhile. But now I think everyone is getting into being sexy again.”

“Vulgarity isn’t something I think about; I never ask myself, ‘Is this in poor taste?’
I know what I like, and I’m not out to be tacky.”

“All the OUI magazines were actually a gift from my boyfriend.

He found something like 30 issues and surprised me with them early in our relationship.

He’s always known about my obsession, so it was super, super sweet.”


Photography byBramble Trionfo

As told toAnthony Rotunno

Jahleel Weaver is a Los Angeles-based stylist and the Jr. Creative Director for Fenty Corp.

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