“Jewelry is something I’ve been collecting since I was in my twenties. I can’t make it, but I can pick it out. I have an eye for good jewels.

My mom was a big fan of costume jewelry; she had some shitty things, but also some great ones. I have a thousand pieces, at least. When an item really speaks to me, I buy it and damn the consequences. I’m THAT person.

I’ve always loved Eisenberg. Seventy-five percent of these pieces came from one lady; I won’t say who because she’s my little secret. There’s something so pure about the design — it’s plain, even in its glamour.”

“I’m not a historian, but the basic story I’ve gathered over the years is this:

EISENBERG started as a multi-faceted designer of clothing and accessories. He opened a shop that didn’t work out — except for his jewelry — so he focused on that. His sons were involved, too, [which is why] the company is called EISENBERG & SONS.”

“There are some styles [that incorporate] different colors, like the green stones. This one is no joke — it’s a really special piece.”

“The thing about EISENBERG is that it’s set like real stuff — the settings are made out of something great — but it’s costume jewelry.

The stones are paste.”

“The proportion of this buckle is so great. It’s sick at the waist, but it would also be amazing on a shoe, like a boot, right?”

“A man has to be super skinny to pull off the jewelry thing.

If you’re not wearing tailored clothes, and you’re a guy wearing jewelry — who’s not in drag — chances are it’s not working.”

“This one is crazy. It has great movement. You have to be dancing — doing the mambo —
to wear that.”

“This is beyond. The stones are so special and the setting is beautiful. It’s basically a big mirror.”

“[Many of] these pieces were really neckline adornments. People would design dresses in order to accommodate the clips.”

“You would stack all these bracelets — you’d stack a thousand, if you had them.”

“I have so many boxes [of jewelry], and cataloguing them alphanumerically would drive me crazy, so I named them after REAL HOUSEWIVES. I have the CYNTHIA BAILEY box, the KENYA MOORE box, the LuANN de LESSEPS box, and so on. It’s my organization method, and now I know exactly what’s inside them.”


Photography byBramble Trionfo

As told toAnthony Rotunno

Isaac Mizrahi is a designer based in New York City. His current collections are available online, at select retailers, and through QVC.

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