“I bought this apartment, in New York City’s Greenwich Village, in 2007, and have lived here since — except for a two-year stint when I moved into my then boyfriend, now husband, SEAN AVERY’s Soho loft.

He had a huge, long wall that stretched from one end of his apartment to the other, on which we hung our collection of art. We didn’t have a lot of pieces then, so they were scattered around, but every few months we’d acquire more and more. When we decided to move back into my apartment, we struggled to fit our collection before realizing that this was the perfect space for it.

We call it the ‘ROCK STAR WALL’ because it’s mostly photographs of musicians. Growing up, I listened to a lot of rock music, so I have a big appreciation for concert photography. I love how it captures a moment and feeling.

Sean and I go to concerts [whenever we can], especially in the summer when they’re outside. Many of the works were given to us by photographer friends as gifts. I love how the frames are mixed and matched together, but we’re running out of space!”

“We try to go to BONNAROO — the filthy, dirty, but really fun [music festival in Tennessee] — every year. During the event, our friend DANNY CLINCH, who is a rock photographer, is known to set up a tent up where the featured musicians can get their portraits done. Sean and I took one when we were there in 2011. It was so hot that day, like 100 degrees. That’s why Sean’s wearing a tank top — something you’d never see him wear in any other circumstance.”

“MARIA DEL GRECO, a seamstress I’ve worked with, took this photo of ANDY WARHOL showing off a bullet wound in 1981.”

“The photograph of RADIOHEAD was taken by Danny [Clinch], in 2001.

I love the faint view of the New York City skyline, with the old WORLD TRADE CENTER, in the background.”

“I think this Terry Richardson photo of Batman and Robin making out is so funny. It’s one from Sean’s collection.”

“These photos of MICHAEL J. FOX [at top] and PATTI HANSEN at STUDIO 54 are really fun. Patti’s wearing a chain halter top that has completely slid off.”

“I love Inez and Vinoodh’s photographs. I’ve worked with them a lot.

They took this picture of KATE MOSS for V’s May 2005 issue and I just think it’s so cool. Kate, a major supermodel, can obviously pull anything off — even a beard with a feminine, flirty dress.”

TOM SACHS took this photo of Sean with his massive Polaroid camera-like machine. I love Tom’s technique, organization, and ‘ALWAYS BE KNOLLING’ philosophy. His studio is so insane, too.”

“When Sean was interning at VOGUE, in 2008, he asked ANNA WINTOUR to sign this photograph of herself at Paris Fashion Week in 1996.

It reads, ‘For Sean: Surely our most famous intern.’”


Photography bySania Tharani

As told toMichelle Rizzi

Hilary Rhoda is a model based in New York City.

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