“My office is the former VIP room of the Roxbury nightclub.
The building has been around for almost 80 years. It was Preston Sturges’ Players Club [in the ‘40s and ‘50s], Imperial Gardens in the ‘70s, The Roxbury and then Miyagi’s.

Now, it’s the Pink Taco headquarters. We had all this extra space above the restaurant, so we peeled back the layers, cleaned it up, and moved in.”

“My dad owns Urs Fischer’s PROBLEM PAINTING.
This poster of it is from the Fischer show at MOCA.”

“This is a storyboard I made for one of our next units;
it’s got lighting designs and sign details.

I make a lot of these myself because I’m very visual.”

“Some of these things are relevant [to my business];
the map of Southern California shows where we’re thinking of expanding PINK TACO. The green dots are potential locations.”

“I recently did an Ironman triathlon in Mexico, and my bike got stuck in customs for three weeks.
In general, I do six hours to train, so I’ll ride it while I’m working. I have a desk it can slide underneath, so I just sit and pedal.”

“I have a weird collection of books, and I’m always buying more. I just got a new one: DICTATOR STYLE. Moammar Gadhafi’s house is in it.

I want to build shelves in here for all of them.”

“Baba Siri Chand is a mystic to the Sikhs.
He lived from something like the 1490s to the 1640s, until he was 149 years old.

My yoga instructor is Sikh and he’s taken me to India a couple of times.”

“My mom was married to the actor Laurence Harvey, and this is his Gucci backgammon board.
Sometimes friends come over and we play in the office, pretending to do work.”

“Marvin Gaye is the coolest, ever. I have a very radical taste in music; Van Halen, jazz, everything. It’s a mix.”

“I love John Coltrane.
I was looking for this record, and someone sent it to me.

Nobody listens to full albums anymore. I’m kind of over Sonos and all that stuff; I want to bring everything back to vinyl.”

“I love ‘70s Lange ads. I bought the poster somewhere and had it framed.
I like that sort of skiing, you know? Topless!”


Photography byBramble Trionfo

As told toAnthony Rotunno

Harry Morton is the owner of The Viper Room and Pink Taco, a nightclub and Mexican restaurant group based in Los Angeles.

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