Stylist and street style staple, Erica Pelosini, on the editors who taught her to work — and work a look.

In 2010, after graduating from Milan’s Instituto Marangoni and moving to Paris, I received a call from an editor at Vogue Japan. I was asked if I was interested in assisting at a photo shoot featuring the model Eniko Mihalik.

“Why not,” I thought. “It’s every girl’s dream!”

This was my first job out of school, and I was assigned to help the stylist Sissy Vian. I didn’t know what to expect, but since it was Vogue Japan, I decided I had to dress up.

When I arrived on set in a really cute Miu Miu outfit and high heels, everyone there was like: Erica, you’re here to work!

Sissy and I got along very well, and after working together for only two days, she asked me if I’d go to New York with her for more shoots. I couldn’t say no.

Three days later, I boarded a flight with eight suitcases full of clothes she left with me.

I went directly from the airport to the Condé Nast offices, where we shot until 3:30 in the morning. The following day, I slept through my alarm and missed my ride to our next shoot in the Hamptons.

Still, Sissy hired me as her full-time assistant.

I went on to work for her, and [Editor-At-Large] Anna Dello Russo, for a number of years — it was an education that couldn’t have been taught anywhere else.

— as told to The Thick

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Eniko Mihalik photographed by Camilla Akrans for Vogue Japan, August 2010, styled by Sissy Vian with assistance from Erica Pelosini