Dior Beauty’s Dianne Vavra relives an unforgettable trip to Paris with the inimitable actress.

Sharon Stone and John Galliano backstage at the Dior S/S 2006 show, photograph by Michel Dufour

In October 2005, I went to Paris with Sharon Stone, then the face of Dior’s Capture skincare line, on a press tour for the brand.

We had traveled together before, but this was our first trip overseas. I was so excited:

We would be attending my first Dior show, the Spring/Summer 2006 collection, designed by JOHN GALLIANO, whose shows were always spectacles.

Sharon and I stayed at The Ritz — another first for me — where champagne was being poured and flowers were being delivered at every turn.

Looks from the Dior S/S 2006 show

Everything was stepped up a notch, including security — prior to our arrival, Sharon told me she needed more guards than usual, “at least eight.”

I thought that was excessive, but when we arrived at the hotel, I totally understood why: 300 fans were waiting for her, and throughout the week, paparazzi on motorcycles followed our car. It was scary!

We had to spend our down time incognito.

Vavra and Sharon Stone arriving at the Dior S/S 2006 show, photograph courtesy of Dianne Vavra

On the day of the show, we got our hair and makeup done, and were styled [in Dior looks]. Sharon accessorized hers with a beautiful Chopard necklace, which fell to the ground when we arrived at the venue.

I jumped over I don’t even know how many people to rescue it. [Of course], someone captured that moment, which ended up in Page Six!

Inside, the energy was electric and heart-pounding.

Dior has given me plenty of unforgettable experiences, but this trip was the best I’ve had in my 20 years with the brand.

— as told to The Thick

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Page Six’s item on Stone’s necklace snafu, clip courtesy of Dianne Vavra