“I travel a lot for work — North America, South America, Europe — often times to a city or country I’ve never been to. I don’t always have free time when I’m there, but if I do,
I go shopping for a new piece of home decor.

I like to buy things that are memorable or identifiable of the place I got them — like this handmade wood spice holder I purchased in Havana, Cuba when I was there for the Chanel Cruise 2016/17 show — rather than a decorative flag. In the past, whenever I’ve bought tchotchkes like that, they’ve ended up stashed away in a drawer or, eventually, thrown away. So, I avoid chain stores and souvenir shops, and instead seek out antique stores. That’s where
I’ve found my best pieces.

Getting pieces back to New York City is always a gamble — if I ship them, I risk damage — and try to bring them back in my suitcase. Luckily, everything has survived the trip home!”

“My collection began with this fighter pilot helmet. It’s an original from World War II, and I bought it in Prague around 2008. I believe the helmet is from Russia, as there’s some Russian writing on the inside of it.

I’m obsessed with flying, and take lessons. I’m even studying and accumulating hours towards attaining my private pilot’s license.”

“I bought this vase at a high-end homeware shop in Copenhagen around 2012. It’s kind of like an optical illusion. Depending upon how the vase is turned, and how the light shines through or off of it, it can look totally different. It weighs about 20 pounds and is very fragile. Whenever someone tries to pick it up, I’m like, Ahh!”

“I like to shoot, but I’m pro-gun
A few years ago, I purchased this gun at an antique shop in Vienna. It’s from the 1800’s, and just a couple years shy of being considered an Austrian historic treasure — otherwise, I wouldn’t have been allowed to take it out of the country. Guns were very expensive back then, so only the wealthy could afford them, and this one is etched with the original owner’s initials. The craftsmanship is truly remarkable. I’ve never fired it — it shoots powder pellets — and weighs about 10 pounds.

A friend, who is a pilot, brought it back to the States for me, because I was afraid that customs would charge me with smuggling a firearm! If I had to go to jail for something, it wasn’t going to be for that.”

“A few years ago, I went to Suva — a private island in Fiji — for a week and a half for a job with Town and Country. I probably would have never travelled there otherwise. I found these book ends at a local shop. They’re made from ocean rock.”

“I purchased this leather magazine holder in Paris, and added the Yves Saint Laurent belt to it as a handle. At the time I was purchasing the holder, I debated buying a Chanel bag instead, but thought it was too cliche. ”

“A few years ago, I was working with Mark Wahlberg at an event for the Pope. I ended up befriending his security guards, and one of them gave me this rosary that the Pope blessed. It’s by far the coolest thing I’ve ever gotten on a job, and beats anything I’ve ever bought. I’m not a very religious person, but I wholeheartedly believe
in everything the Pope’s doing. His security guards and I have kept in touch, and they’re always inviting me to the Vatican. I’ll take them
up on that offer soon.”

“My dream home is a wood cabin in the forest, and this longhorn skull from Wyoming gives that touch. It’s a statement piece, and one of my favorite things. Shipping it was tricky. Everyone told me if would arrive in a million pieces, but I took the gamble. Luckily, it arrived in one piece.

“I bought this chair — I have three others — in Paris at Ligne Roset, a home design store, when I was living in Vienna. The patterns of the chairs don’t match, so each one is a little different. I like that there’s a zipper on the back of each one, as it adds a sexy element to
what is a very functional piece of furniture.”


Photography bySania Tharani

As told toMichelle Rizzi

Carolina Dali is a makeup artist based in New York City.

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