“I moved from New York City to Los Angeles in 2004.
The hardest thing about settling here was deciding where to live.

I was drawn to SILVER LAKE, because it recalls New York in that you can just walk down the street and grab an espresso. My neighborhood, MORENO HIGHLANDS, is known for its architecture: John Lautner, R.M. Schindler, Harwell Hamilton Harris, and ED FICKETT all designed homes here.

When I arrived in L.A., there were a couple of celebrity-based photography agencies, but EYE FORWARD was one of the first started by someone from the New York set. Prior to founding that, I worked at ART + COMMERCE [in New York City], but it was STEVEN MEISEL who gave me my very first job as a photo assistant, in the 1980s.

Steven is one of my heroes.

I have a bunch of his work here, in my living room, but I change the photos all the time. And while I have tons of color, the black and white palette just works. I couldn’t tell you why.”

“This photo, of New York City’s original WORLD TRADE CENTER, is from COUPLES, a book I worked on with ELLEN VON UNWERTH. I was living in New York on 9/11, and after the TWIN TOWERS went down I asked her for the print.”

“The Eames House, in the Pacific Palisades, is one of my favorite homes.
This set of building blocks, when properly arranged, forms a model of it.”

“This picture, by PERRY OGDEN, is from his book, PONY KIDS, about Irish gypsy children.

I worked on producing the book with him, and there was a big museum show in IRELAND after it debuted. The photo is unusual in the series, because the girl doesn’t have a pony, but I love it.”

“Those are Christy Turlington’s legs shot by Steven [Meisel] for a Comme des Garçons catalogue. I worked on that project when I was at Art + Commerce.”

“I love cats.

“The PETER BEARD photo, “Two Cheetahs That Were Abandoned by Their Mom,” was a present from FRANK OCKENFELS, a photographer I represent. The special thing about Beard’s prints is that they’re all unique. Often, he marks them with ink, and sometimes, his blood.”

“I bought this [Victor] Vasarely print at auction.
I just love the colors.”

“Four decades after ARTS & ARCHITECTURE went out of print in 1967, BENEDIKT TASCHEN reproduced the magazine’s first ten years’ worth of issues, from 1945-54. There are 5,000 limited edition sets, which I have one of here. 

TASCHEN has plans to release a second installment, but has yet to announce when.”

“This is a print of Steven [Meisel’s] famous photo of NADJA AUERMANN, from the seminal story he shot for AMERICAN VOGUE on the emergence of grunge in fashion [“Grunge and Glory,” December 1992].

I won it at a charity auction. I remember getting into a silly tiff with [ART + COMMERCE co-founder] JIMMY MOFFAT over it. In the end, he said if I was going to bid as much he would, I should have it.”


Photography byBramble Trionfo

As told toAnthony Rotunno

Carol LeFlulfy is the Los Angeles-based founder of Eye Forward.

Did you see? Designer Thaddeus O’Neil poses for photographer Bruce Weber, Lori Goldstein & Steven Meisel style and photograph an epic boxing match for a 2002 issue of Vogue Italia.