“My partner Adrian [Rosenfeld] and I launched The Posters at Art Basel [Miami Beach] in 2014. We were looking for a way to make artworks accessible — he’s worked with Jasper Johns, Nan Goldin, and other artists, and I’ve managed studios and taught art to hospital patients. Together we decided that posters would be a great medium. They decorated both of our bedrooms when we were younger — I had one of Johnny Depp and another of a unicorn — and now we produce more sophisticated versions.” — ATHENA

“I love the Los Angeles art scene; it’s open-minded and offers a lot of freedom. As an artist myself, being able to give peers the chance to be a part of what we’re doing is great.” — DOROTHY

“Our first posters were collaborations with artists we knew: Wyatt Kahn and Nate Lowman. From there we’ve grown organically, [in part because] Los Angeles lends itself more to young businesses.” — ATHENA

“This office building used to be a door factory; now, it’s full of young companies. Though there’s still a showcase room where doors are sold.” — DOROTHY

“We do everything locally: the posters are printed in Pasadena, shipped from here, and at least ten percent of every purchase goes to funding art education in the community. I lived in New York City for almost two decades until I moved here about 18 months ago. Los Angeles allowed me to think bigger — doing this out of a studio apartment would have been very difficult.” — ATHENA

“We’ve been thinking about using our posters as wallpaper and Sam Falls’s Untitled (Rainy Day LA Times Excerpt) makes a lot of sense for that because it’s newspapers, which are often used to cover walls or windows. You can actually read the poster, too, which is crazy.” — ATHENA

“The artist Ernesto Caivano had me pose for some of his drawings, and in exchange he gave me this work. Now that I think about it, I’ve posed for a lot of artists: John Currin, Ryan McGinley, and others along the way.” — ATHENA

“I’m crazy about the book fairs that take place in Los Angeles and New York City, and I purchased this print by the Toronto-based artist Alicia Nauta at one I attended a few years ago. I love her work, and told her so when I recently ran into her at the Detroit Art Book Fair.” — DOROTHY

“I drew this piece while I was teaching at hospitals. Even as a hobby, art is healing. Patients would come to me very stressed and anxious, and I know for a fact that focusing their energy on something outside of themselves made a world of difference.” — ATHENA

“Andrew Kuo’s FLOWERS (STRIPES) [at bottom] is the first small poster we introduced. I specifically requested to use this piece because I’m a fan of his abstract flower paintings. The Haas Brothers’ CLOUD & PROUD [at top], another of our small posters, is new this fall. It actually marks the beginning of a series of two-dimensional works the artists are doing.” — ATHENA

“Paul Wackers’s SITUATION AT HAND was for sale when I started working here, so it was the first poster I gravitated towards. His body of work is very interesting: in addition to painting, Paul makes his own ceramics, which look very similar to the pieces depicted in his poster.” — DOROTHY

“My husband, Chad Pitman, is a photographer and he made the four collages. They’re all earlier pieces of his. Recently, he’s started to paint on prints of his photos. I’m sure we’ll work together on a poster at some point.” — ATHENA

“Tube rolling is a rite of passage at The Posters. The job was passed to me from Athena, who used to do it. She always says it’s a very meditative process.” — DOROTHY


Photography byBramble Trionfo

As told toAnthony Rotunno

Athena Currey is the CEO of The Posters.
Dorothy Hoover is the Head of Operations of The Posters and a performance artist based in Los Angeles.

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