“I only have things in my apartment that have a story behind them, and I’ve always had a lot of books.

One afternoon, my friend TODD OLDHAM and his boyfriend TONY LONGORIA asked if they could color coordinate them. They rearranged everything like this.

I try to put objects in front of similarly colored books, so that they kind of disappear. My favorite color changes all the time — lately it’s been shades of green — but there isn’t one I don’t like.

“This is an old box people used to vote on things. My brother David found it at a flea market in Paris.
The zero and one push open, and there are large coins you put inside.”

“A friend commissioned this miniature of my Mini Rex rabbit, Dusty. I had her for twelve years, she died this past February.

Dusty was really bossy, but a great companion — I can still feel her energy in the apartment.”

“These two tins are full of cookie cutters; I used to bake a lot of cookies and cheese balls, and before that I dealt cupcakes out of my apartment to make allowance money.

It was an all cash, under the table operation, and ALWAYS shady.”

“The black heels are a pair of Gloria Swanson’s shoes. Todd Oldham gave them to me. They’re tiny, around a size 4.5. I can fit my feet in them.”

“Marcel Dzama made this. It almost looks like a snowman, or a little ghost.

Marcel is an amazing artist.”

“My sister Gretchen gave the space helmet to me.
She made it out of papier-mâché.”

“Alessi started making GINO ZUCCHINOS years ago; David used to give them to people as gifts.
It’s a little character that you can fill it with sugar, dimes, or you know, ANYTHING!”

“This is one of my treasure boxes. When I don’t know where to put things, I’ll store them inside it.
Each drawer has stuff: There’s a RUBBER KNIFE, a PIECE OF FABRIC that I like, TOE NAILS FROM A RABBIT, a SHERIFF’S BADGE, and a ROACH CLIP my brother made out of a CRAB CLAW.”

“I’m from North Carolina, and the state animal is a squirrel. This one’s name is BROWN BROWN. When my friend JUSTIN THEROUX was a little boy, he had a bunny named BROWN BROWN that his dog ate on Christmas morning.

Now, I name every brown thing I own after that rabbit.”


Photography byMolly Hodson

As told toAnthony Rotunno

Amy Sedaris is an actress and author based in New York City.

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