“Crystals are having a moment, but my passion for them has been lifelong.

I grew up in New York around a lot of Upper East Side, golf ball-size rings, but I wasn’t attracted to cut or polished gems as a child. I have a visceral memory of visiting the Halls of Minerals and Gems in the American Museum of Natural History when I was six or seven.

They ignited something in me beyond, ‘Ooh! Sparkly and pretty.’
I probably came out of the closet [as a collector] when I had a proper home in Los Angeles where I could keep heavier things.”

“My girlfriend and son bought me this fluorite for Mother’s Day.
When I was little, I had dreams of floating through infinite fluorite of green, pink, and orange hues. The first time I saw this color in real life was playing the board game Candy Land. I connected my dreams with
Queen Frostine’s color palate, and was moved to tears.”

“My least favorite place to get crystals are crystal shops.

They are always overpriced.”

“I connect with crystals the same way I do with people. It’s like walking into a party:
You scan the room and see which ones light up for you.”

“I go to a lot of gem shows and conferences, and I love talking to crystal nerds [even though] they’re not the grooviest crowd.

A lot of old men — and not the sparkly-eyed, loving kind.”

“I love rough and raw, but these are insane.

I found them at a warehouse south of Los Angeles. I dragged my son there —
he fell asleep while I TRIPPED THE FUCK OUT for three and a half hours. I don’t drink anymore,
and I’m not a lightweight, but in that warehouse I was on another planet.”

“There’s an energy that lives in crystals.

I like to think of it as TANTRIC ENERGY that’s created with math.

I’m no math loving lady; unfortunately, after years of denial, I realized it really is just ALL ABOUT THE NUMBERS.”

“This is such a power crystal. It’s quartz. There are crystal dildos you can have sex with; I believe those are quartz, too.”

“I’d spend millions of dollars on crystals [if I could]. When a connection is made, nothing else matters.
It’s like Carrie Bradshaw with a pair of shoes, but I think this is a little healthier.”

“This one has LITHIUM in it.

During a period of intense anxiety, I kept it in my bag for a month. Before long, it was back on the shelf and I thought, ‘Oh, I guess I’m feeling better.'”

“This is from a gem show in Arizona. I wrapped it in a blanket like a newborn to take it home.

After a really long drive, my girlfriend and I ended up at the Arizona Biltmore hotel. It was Valentine’s Day and somehow there was a terrace suite available. There was a full moon that night and I happened to have salt on me, so it got a salt bath and then a full moon bath.

It was all very romantic.”

“The one [on the left] is a HERKIMER DIAMOND, which only come from one cave in New York. When I look at it, I feel like I’m looking at one of Elizabeth Taylor’s famous rings. The other one is a similar stone. They’re two of the most luxurious things I own.”


Photography byBramble Trionfo

As told toAnthony Rotunno

Amanda Chantal Bacon is the owner of Moon Juice, an organic juicery and café
based in Los Angeles.

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