“A girl in my kindergarten class collected erasers — she was my inspiration.
Hers were like colorful little treats, and something about them just made me nuts.

When I started collecting my own, my mom would drive me all over to find places to buy them. For every birthday, and when Christmas came around, I’d tell everyone I wanted erasers. At one point I counted them and had 2,000.

[To this day] if I find a special one, I’ll buy it, but my real obsession was over by the time I was twelve.
As soon as I discovered boys, the erasers were not that interesting anymore.”

“I’m a big sci-fi girl, so I have a lot of Star Wars and Star Trek stuff:

the [orange] Millennium Falcon, the Enterprise, two Darth Vaders, and a starfighter.”

“There was a bully in my school who told me that if I bought four of these tires, I could take them to the five and dime and get a car.

Each was ten dollars, so I saved up my allowance and bought one from him every few weeks until I had all four. When I went to exchange them, the store clerk was like:

Sweetie, someone’s been messing with you; there’s no car. I still have some anger about that.”

“A friend of mine who got a job at Apple right out of college came back from her first trip to Asia with sushi erasers, and I freaked out a little bit.

Now, I see them sold at the children’s store down the street.”

“These are some of my very earliest; they might be among the first six I got. They were the style at the time: erasers of a certain era.”

“My grandmother gave me a bunch of religious ones. I remember they STUNK. In fact, they still stink a little bit!”

“This is disgusting, but the heart earring [in this eraser] is from the pair I got when I first pierced my ears. I think I had a pink ear [eraser] at one time, too, that I might have traded.

I would spend hours thinking about whether something was a fair trade.”

“I used to throw over-the-top birthday parties as a child, and the favors were pretty elaborate. I always included a handful of erasers, like these snowflakes that I found at a party supply store, for every kid.”

“I developed a sixth sense for finding erasers.

There was a five and dime in Houston — where I grew up — that was awesome. It had baskets full; I’d empty them out, thinking, ‘Which ones do I not have?!’”


Photography byBramble Trionfo

As told toAnthony Rotunno

Alexis Bryan Morgan is the New York City-based Director of Creative Content at Rent The Runway.

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