“I needed a creative release during a low period in my life, and Instagram provided a platform that didn’t require financial backing.

What began by posting inspiration photos has evolved into a brand. I don’t try to put a finger on exactly what my aesthetic is. It’s more about curation, like in this space:

It seems like a mad method, but everything is done very systematically.

In today’s world, it’s important NOT to give everything away — when people feel they know the story, oftentimes they move on. Everyone’s constantly trying to figure stuff out. My thing is to always keep them guessing.”

“I’m very structured when I post to Instagram, and I try to be punctual. In New York, four o’clock in the afternoon is a sweet spot:

When you break it down, the West Coast is at lunch, the East Coast is finishing the workday, and everyone’s chilling out in Europe because it’s ten or eleven o’clock at night.”

“This is by RAYMOND PETTIBON, who is one of my favorite American artists.

It’s a limited edition of 200. I was looking at photos of AMY SEDARIS’s house awhile back, and noticed she had the same piece. PETTIBON’S stuff gets pretty expensive now; this is one of the few works I could afford.
It’s my favorite image.”

“This is an amazing book. The colors in it are incredible.

At some point, I want to hang some of the pages — there’s a lot of stuff I want to frame that I haven’t been able to because I’m financially flustered.”

“The skate deck is by GEORGE CONDO , it’s from SUPREME.
Condo is also one of my favorites.

The Academy definitely buys into youth culture, and often speaks to a younger audience.”

“I worry about running out of photos at a certain point, so to keep momentum going, eventually I’m going to have to dive into books to find imagery.

These are a lot of art and photography titles.”

“Originally, the bar was closer to my workspace, but I felt the two were better separated. A lot of my posts are about gettin’ off your head — people always resonate with that.”


Photography byMolly Hodson

As told toAnthony Rotunno

The Academy New York is based in New York City.

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